Terms of Service

1. Introduction:

Here, at CloudSetups, we offer high quality, affordable products, from some of the best service providers, however, we have some Terms Of Service that we require you to read and follow before you contact us, this is because we do not want any missunderstanding to appear, simply read these Terms Of Service down below, after you are done, you are able to start your journey along with our team!

2. Payment methods:

Payments are done throught Paypal only, unless stated otherwise, you will have to talk with the Owner if you would like them to be done throught any other payment service. All deals require 100% upfront payment via Friends and Family. Deals are done onsite unless stated otherwise, this is to ensure that we are protected from scammers, chargebackers and other rule violators, because in this case we will be able to report you onsite and blacklist you from our service. You can not chargeback, this will redirect into a scam report against you and a blacklist from CloudSetups.

3. Permissions:

You will not resell or redistribute any of our products, unless granted a permission from us, if you would like to do so then you will have to contact one of the Administrators of CloudSetups. You will allways go first, if you are not enjoying the product, we will re-work on it until you are satisfied. We have all rights to cancel deals or requests, this is incase we see a suspicious user. Any violation of the Terms stated above will result in a scam report against you.

4. How do we operate?

Well, its simple! You will explain us what type of product do you want to order, we will sort out the price for that product, you will pay the full amount to the given paypal adress/link, we will start working on it and it will be done within 1-15 bussiness days, if you are not satisfied, we will work on it more until you will turn into one of our happy customers! We will mostly like, complete the product you have ordered in less than the time stated.